Coworking Whistler

Whistler's only Shared Office Space

Steps from both Whistler & Blackcomb Gondolas, our space is ideal for remote workers looking to mix work and play. Cycle to work, ski at lunch; grab a drink and nibble at the end of the day.Our facilities are shared by both locals and visitors looking to maximize productivity at the desk and on the hill.To enquire about permanent, monthly ($500-600), weekly ($200) daily ($45) desk memberships or about our private meeting room rented by the day email us below!Please note that space and availability is limited and we recommend booking in advance (and at least a day in advance for single day passes).

Coworking Whistler | 4309 Skiers Approach, Village Stroll, Whistler |

Monthly Member Desk


$500/ Month

Weekly Member Desk


$200/ Month

Daily Hot Desk


$45/ Day


Please note that space and availability is limited and we recommend booking in advance. We will respond to all enquiries within 24 - 48 hours.

Private Office Bookings

The private office can be booked for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals. The office comes equipped with 2 desks, a monitor, and a lockable set of drawers.

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WELCOME TO COWORKING WHISTLER — HERE ARE OUR HOUSE RULES.We've crafted a set of guidelines to ensure that every member has the most enjoyable experience possible. Please feel free to reach out if you require additional information.OPEN PLAN OFFICE VOL.If you have a phone call or meeting you are welcome to take it from your desk but kindly keep your volume down as others may be focusing on deeper work and tasks around you.
For added privacy, consider taking your calls in the kitchen area or on the couch.
Embrace the co-working spirit by bringing noise-cancelling headphones for those moments when silence is golden.
CULTIVATE FRIENDLY CONNECTIONSWhile it's essential to respect focused work, don't hesitate to engage in small talk with fellow co-workers.
Inquire about their day or upcoming weekend plans; you might discover shared interests beyond the office environment.
SHARED SPACE ETIQUETTERecognize the shared nature of hot desks, but be aware that dedicated desks are personal spaces.
Avoid borrowing items, perusing others' belongings, or distracting someone engrossed in their work.
Both physically and emotionally, be mindful of others' space and boundaries.
RESPECT OTHERS PRIVACYRefrain from peering over shoulders or eavesdropping on conversations to respect the privacy of fellow members.STAY HOME IF UNWELLTo prioritize the well-being of our community, please avoid coming to the office if you're feeling unwell.
This helps prevent the spread of germs and minimizes disruptions caused by illness.
There are also COVID-19 testing kits available in the kitchen, if you begin feeling unwell in the office.
MAINTAIN A CLEAN ENVIRONMENTKeep your workspace tidy, recognizing that it directly impacts your neighbors.
Limit your personal items to your own desk and obtain permission before borrowing anything from others.
PROMPTLY REPORT ISSUESAddress concerns regarding disruptive behavior by calmly and politely communicating with the individual involved.
If needed, seek assistance from the manager to ensure a harmonious working atmosphere.
RESPECTFUL COMMUNICATIONFoster a positive environment by resolving issues promptly and respectfully, promoting open dialogue for a more enjoyable co-working experience.PERSONAL ITEMSWhile we offer a storage area for coats and a rack for skis/boards in winter, we don't have the space for large items such as bikes or SUPs currently.
If venturing outdoors during your the day, remember to clean off your shoes or boots before returning inside. Please note that we take several measures in ensuring the space is secure as possible but all items are left at the owner's risk.
Thanks for being part of our community in Whistler and the wider sea-to-sky - regardless of your length of stay :)